Monday, May 28

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Hameentie, 14:28

This morning is the last week of the school year and so Naa, Auo and I all left to catch the jouko. The weather was almost tropical.

I have spent the morning doing all kinds of administrative chores, including agreeing to be the opponent in a thesis next week that will apparently require me to reread great chunks of Adorno.

Right now I am supposed to switch gears and start going through the quotations I have amassed for my thesis, but I am uninspired and irritable. I have left the building to go for a walk and look what I see. Jutta is obviously in the building: either that or someone has stolen her VW microbus.

Later it will turn out that she arrived at the same time that her meeting started and ran straight into it. Later still it will turn out that a man called either Timppa or Tomppa has been to our house and ripped out a doorframe – the doorframe we were going to “think about” have removed sometime.