Wednesday, May 3

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Puotila, 16:46


Yesterday evening a man from phoned me to introduce himself. He told me that he had taken over the role of Arcada customer manager, and that our subscription expired in twenty four hours. This morning, after cycling to Puotila in bright sunshine, I told Nathalie about this.

I then went into the Interactive Storytelling class to see how the stories had progressed. Not a lot, in most cases. I had two new Powerpoint presentations and I ran through them to see if they offered any help. Jutta had double-booked and so I released the Online Media students from the group at 10:00 and dealt with the remaining class.

In the afternoon I began to look at the business of getting https certificates, since these will become more and more compulsory, in a not-officially-compulsory sort of way. Basically, at some point soon, browsers will start giving out draconian warnings that will scare most users off, and may in fact make it impossible to access the site without clicking through various pages of warnings. The Electronic Frontier Foundation offers a free certification process, but it requires me to slip into system administrator mode. This session started that process, while further convincing me that I made the right move when I moved from Hostmonster to Linode or, more accurately, from webmaster to system administrator.

I finished the afternoon with a flurry of emails and then set off for home forty minutes early, planning to read a thesis in the garden rather than at my desk. At Puotila the bicycle shed glows with the sunlight streaming through the coloured glass. Now I really feel like Spring has arrived. To confirm this a drunk man in shorts and a big pink hat stands drinking beer while leaning on his bike at the other end of the shed. He balances his drinking with energetic singing and giggling.

At home I will let Sunshine out. We will then both look at the holes in the paths where the new drains will sit. The fun never stops.

Irma will arrive late and I will go for a walk while she settles down. I will listen to Philip Glass performing The Photographer while I do.