Thursday, April 27

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A306, Arcada, 12:45


I looked out of the window while eating my breakfast and noticed Sunshine race past at the speed of light. I looked more closely and noticed he had a mouse in his mouth. He made sure we saw him waving it around and then sat down to eat it. After this I walked down to the gas station again this morning and caught the 97V.

I spent the whole morning in a lengthy workshop with a thesis student who has a blockage about writing. Ask her to talk and she provides lengthy explanations about whatever topic you want. Ask her to write down what she just said and she freezes. My main problem lies in the fact that what she says makes coherent and interesting sense, and I need to get her to get this down on paper.

At lunch I went to Arabia with Jutta to buy cheese, an avocado and some bananas. I left my laptop in the room where I had had the workshop. I notice an old photograph proped up on my desk. Sam Björklund made it in 2010, according to the sticker on it, for a student project. I have kept it because I like it. Looking at it again I still do.

I will start the afternoon with a tutorial with two students who abandoned the XML course after they decided that they couldn’t understand it. I have the job of getting them to pass it so they have enough credits to enter the second year. My cunning plan will involve getting them to take most of a course called XML Essential Training, and then setting them an exercise to check they have attained the learning outcomes

After that I will prepare a slideshow for tomorrow’s Social Media Analysis before heading to Pixelache for a meeting on our use of Slack.

I will get home about 19:30 to find Sunshine still outside. He will race in and demand cat food, so obviously the mouse-hunt didn’t continue; or at least didn’t produce anymore mice.

Irma will arrive home from a long dinner, having left the car at Puotila. I will walk down there to retrieve it.