Wednesday, April 26

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Harbour, Tallinn, 12:58


I woke at 8:00, showered, then went downstairs for a big breakfast. At 9:45 I went down again to meet Liisa and check out. She had breakfasted and showered in the reverse order, making sure we missed each other.

We walked to the university and had a long meeting with Birgit. We covered a lot of ground and arranged possible courses for Liisa, Maria, Tomas and I to teach in the Autumn and Spring of next year.

We looked out of the window at the end of the meeting and noticed that the torrential rain had returned. Birgit ordered us a taxi, even though we could see thew boat from the university window.

In the few minutes it takes to get to Tallinn harbour, and get out of the taxi, the rain has cleared completely. We walk back over the road to SuperAlko. I promised Irma that I would bring some dark rum back and, once Liisa had phoned home, she had a shopping list. I stand outside SuperAlko convinced that it has changed location. I remember it being in a shed in what felt like a building site. Perhaps, I think, this courtyard merely appears old. Perhaps I stand in the middle of some renovations.

We will walk back to the harbour, check in, and board. We will easily find seats and work on the way back. Liisa will red theses, and I will write notes for the next set of classes, as well as answer some emails.

By the time Irma arrives home, I will have unpacked, vacuum-cleaned, played with the cat, sorted out my receipts, and started reading.