Saturday, April 22

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Garden, 15:28


We got up late this morning and looked out at bright sun.

Irma had persuaded the roofers to leave one of the scaffolding towers here over the weekend and so, after brunch, we moved it round to the front of the house where I could paint the under-roof white. I set everything up and off I went. Irma moved the car and then drove off to collect some dry-cleaning and various other things.

The weather changed several times and suddenly it started hailing very hard. I come down from the scaffolding before I get concussion. The doormat turns from bright green to mainly white, as does the garden. I go in and then go out again but, as soon as I have finished a first coat, I abandon painting for the day.

Naa will come round in the late afternoon and we will have a wonderful meal, in which everyone enjoys themselves and the giggling gets interrupted by occasional laughter.

Naa will get the bus home because the cooking has involved the consumption of several ciders. We will sit down with Sunshine to watch Endeavour and The Coroner.