Wednesday, April 19

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Arabia mall, 12:36


I got up to the sound of my alarm, and the unfamiliar sound of silence in the garden. I left to walk to Puotila and Tommi stopped for me. We talked of house repairs and scaffolding until we parted at Sörnäinen.

I explored Mindmups 2.0 for forty minutes and then Irma and her colleague arrived to meet Josefin and Emelia. Jutta joined us and we held a briefing meeting. Irma wants a small team of students to work with Kipa to rebrand Buddy Cafe, as part of the overall Migrant Youth Helsinki project that she runs. This will involve field research, establishing a coworking team with some migrant youth, and then leading the rebranding process. By the end of the meeting Emilia and Josefin had signed on and felt extremely excited about it.

At 11:45 Jutta, Mirko, Naa and I went for lunch at China Flavor, where Wednesday means sushi. We ate too much and the four of us chatted about many things, none of any consequence.

Leaving the mall, full of sushi, I notice that the people in front of us make a satisfying pattern as the light through the door silhouettes them. I notice this because I have this afternoon’s storytelling session in my head, making me think in terms of movie scenes.

At 13:15 I start the Interactive Storytelling class. I will find myself unsure whether anyone understands what I think I have said. I will look at baffled faces and then explain to them why they might feel happy about feeling baffled. They will look even more baffled.We will do some exercises and I will finish by setting them an assignment that I feel certain will result in confusion in almost all cases.

Once the class has finished, I will write out the assignment as carefully as I can, upload it to Its Learning, and leave for home.

Irma will tell me not to change into home-wear because we will leave for Stoa soon. We have got tickets to a premiere apparently, and at 19:00 Naa will join us to watch the first night of a physical theatre performance called Body Notes by Mimoart Company, a group founded by Mimosa Lindahl and Arto-Oskar Reunanen. I will love it from the moment we enter the hall to the moment we leave. It will contain moments of spectacle, excellent physical jokes, and a sense that, just out of reach, you might spot a story that will tie the experience together.

At home we will feel recharged by the performance, and agree that the morning meeting went very well