Friday, April 14

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Garden, 17:00


Celebrating too early can lead to problems. Last night we over-celebrated the start of the holiday, after both having over-busy weeks at work, and had a great time until late into the night. As a direct result I misjudged my morning walk, did a longer one than I intended, and arrived home after Irma had finished her brunch.

She left for the shops while I had mine alone. An argument swam just below the surface like an enemy submarine.

Later Naa arrived and good humour surfaced again. Irma hid eggs for our traditional Easter Egg hunt. Naa got more than me as usual. Naa laid hers out on the table to photograph and upload somewhere. I walk outside and lay mine on the ground to photograph and upload here.

In the evening we will watch The Best Ever Marigold Hotel, the holiday movie the broadcasters have prepared for us.

We will go to bed early.