Thursday, April 13

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Vartiokyläntie, 07:58


No banging woke me up this morning. I slept until the alarm went off at 7:30. When I got up I understood why. I saw thick snow falling onto a pure white ground. I had breakfast and did notice a small number of roofers arriving. While I washed I heard a few quiet thumps on the roof, as they began to finish off the skirting and add the new drainpipes.

I walk to the bus with the hood of my Spring jacket up. The wind blows snow into my face. I decide that I will get the bus this morning. I don’t feel like walking to the metro in this surprise winter. I stop to look at the junction of Vartiokyläntie and Riskutie, where January seems keen to make a guest appearance.

I will wait for the bus, which will arrive late, presumably because of the snow which has caused me to wait for it.

Naa will arrive at Arcada at about 9:30. We will have fun with the Starbucks coffee machine, and then I will start my annual progress meeting with Nathalie, which will take up most of the morning. We will have a wide ranging conversation that covers a lot of ground very usefully. I will leave happy.

Naa will have looked up the online menu for Arcada’s kitchen today and when I get back to my desk she will tell me that it looks okay today. I will have a very quick lunch of salmon, potatoes and broccoli with Naa downstairs, before running to my meeting with Micke.

He will also arrive late and we will sit in the Risk Lab for two hours planning the next phase of our activities in Nobanet. I will return to my desk to write a letter for everyone involved in our part of the project and send it to Micke for his agreement.

Naa will leave and at 15:30 I will leave for Pixelache. We will have a board meeting, followed by a members’ meeting. The amount of people attending will leave me feeling I would do better to refer to it as the member’s meeting.

See what I did there: a punctuation joke!