Monday, April 10

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Garden, 17:50


The roofers arrived shortly before 7:00. We woke up suddenly to the sound of people on the roof ripping out tiles, while men on the ground moved giant zip towers around. We got dressed quickly while the cat hid under the bed and then under the sofa.

As I left for work a giant truck appeared. It had a large built-in crane and a big skip.

I spent the morning doing administration. We have to get a number of students graduated in the next six weeks, so I wrote emails asking for status reports and current drafts of theses, whatever their condition.

I spent the afternoon on a meeting. After that I hurriedly edited the slides I had planned to use for the first session of Interactive Storytelling tomorrow morning. I also upload last Friday’s assignment for the Social Media Analysis course.

Arriving home I see a large skip full of tiles in the road. I see scaffolding, and I see the garage and shed with no tiles and a new plastic roof with new wooden battens holding it on.

Irma, who worked from home today, will tell me that Sunshine has hidden the whole day and refused to move from his hiding place. Now the noise has stopped he will venture into the garden very cautiously.

We will begin to clean up until it begins raining, and a stormy wind gets up. I will put logs on the plastic stopping the wood in the garden getting wet.