Sunday, April 9

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Riskutie, 11:58


Stockmann’s Crazy Days started on Wednesday and ends today. While Naa slept Irma decided that we should go to get an outdoor doormat she had seen in the catalogue. We drove there to discover that only the main branch in the centre had the mat. I volunteered to get the metro into the centre to get one.

Stockmann has five floors and I needed to find which floor housed the doormats. I started on floor 5, in the gardening and outdoor furntiture department, but this guess, although logical, proved wrong. Fortunately an assistant who seemed to know the location of everything in the shop told me the exact place on the fourth floor where I would find it.

I stand on the fourth floor of Stockmann, looking at the Crazy Day balloons over a mass of almost random goods. I feel a need to photograph this because we have learned that Stockmann plans to abandon the traditional yellow and black for a new green look. I wonder around and find the mat I have promised to get, and purchase it. I cannot help but feel that changing the look of Crazy Days will prove a big mistake.

When I get back home, we will eat brunch. We will then visit Irma’s father.

After dinner Irma will drive Naa home.