Thursday, April 6

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Riskutie, 11:11


I walked to Puotila this morning in bright Spring sunlight even though the temperature had only just risen higher than freezing point.

I went through more of the Curatr MOOC, because I had asked the MA students to join it and I wanted to keep up with them. I also wanted to see how far they had got and most of them had completed, or almost completed, the course. I carried on with course preparation.

I need a break and I can see bright blue sky out of the window. I put my shoes on and go for a short walk. I photograph the election hoardings for the loacl elections that take place this weekend. I can see posters for both the old-style Communist party that has no influence at all and the new-style Pirate Party that has lots of candidates but no influence at all. Yet.

I will go to S-Market to buy fruit and an avocado for lunch.

In the afternoon I will do more in the MOOC, and watch a couple of TED talks. At 16:30 I will begin the final block of the Digital Mediascapes course.

I will fail to get Skype for Business working, and I will find myself still trying when the class has allegedly started. I will have to give up and leave those hoping to participate from a distance stranded. I will not feel very happy about this.

We will have lively discussion in the room, watch a TED talk by Dario Gil, and stop at 20:20.

I will leave for home as darkness falls.