Monday, April 3

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Arcada, 11:53


I woke just before the alarm went off, had a breakfast of Coco Pops, and set out to walk to Poutila. A 95 stopped by Alepa just as I walked past the bus stop so I thought it would seem churlish to ignore it and got on.

I said hello to everyone at work, got up to speed on the madness of Omtänk, and then printed out some material for Naa that she needs to read to prepare for her university entrance examination at the end of the month. Naa turned up at 10:30 and sat at Andrey’s desk to read through it.

I worked through a backlog of emails and instructions, and picked my time and date for my development meeting next week.

I have had a cup of tea, and now I need to wash my cup. I watch the water swirling round in the sink and wonder if I can photograph it, or if it will look like water when I do. I have my iPad with me and so, seconds later, I have several images that do or don’t look like water swirling round a sink. This one seems to most nearly signal motion.

Naa and I will have lunch downstairs. I will have soup and she will have today’s real food: Greek-style lamb loaf and wedge potatoes seasoned with rosemary. This will cost 8.20€, the highest price I have ever paid for a meal at Arcada and 80 cents less than the Chinese buffet in Arabianranta.

At 13:15 I will sit through a team meeting, and at 15:00 I will turn my attention to the course beginning this Friday. I will look outside at the people walking along holding umbrellas.

At 16:20 Naa and I will leave for home, where I will have a roofer waiting to talk to me.