Sunday, April 2

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The woods, 11:12


Everyone slept late, but Naa slept later than the rest of us. I went out for a proper walk while she slept on. The woods look depressingly dull, trapped between the white of winter and the green of spring. Everything stands forlorn in shades of some indeterminate colour somewhere between gray and brown. I, of course, feel this more than usual after two weeks of bright colours under brighter skies.

We will have a big brunch involving smoked salmon, and then we will drive Naa to work and go and visit Irma’s father.

When we get back I will walk to Prisma and back to update my travel card. Irma will wash the laundry that we collected from Naa on Friday evening, and I will iron that part of it that needs ironing. Sunshine will continue to race in and out as often as it can.

We will bring all our banking details up to date and deal with a nasty scam that Irma fell into in the hurry before leaving for India. She signed what seemed an official EU form concerning her Bangara business and found herself billed for an annual thousand euros fee for the entry in the European Business Number she had ordered for the next three years. I researched online and discovered this little gang have been in business for over thirty years, running the same scam with different names. I also discovered that they have never once followed though on their threat to take “debtors” to court. We look forward to ignoring a lot of threatening letters for the foreseeable future.

I will go to bed early.