Tuesday, March 28

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Ananda Rangapillai Street, 13:58


We had a very similar day to yesterday, in that we spent most of it walking around Pondicherry.

First, though, Irma went for her second refexology session. I stayed in the hotel to discover that the internet connection had completely stopped working. I wandered around and all the routers had ceased routing anything. They all showed as on, but nothing at all arrived from Webville.

At noon we turned right out to the hotel and up to M G Street. We walked along, going in and out of small shops, until we came to, what the map describes as, the Grand Bazaar. We walked through the maze-like indoor market in sweltering heat, providing stallholders with their day’s entertainment.

Finally we snake to the left, find an exit from the market, and end up in an alley where delivery trucks get through impossibly small spaces. I discover a road sign that tells us we stand in the upper part of Ananda Rangapillai Street. We walk down to Mission Street and wander in and out of shops.

We walk past Domino’s and Irma suggests that we eat there again. We go in and decide to have medium pizzas, which will turn out to weigh us down for the rest of the day.

We will leave into a temperature of nearly forty degrees, as Pondicherry continues to experience a highly unusual heatwave.

In the evening we will pack and have a final beer on the terrace. We will check out, shower, then go to bee early.