Monday, May 21

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Itäkeskus Bus Station, 17:20

I got to work to discover that my computer didn’t know who I was. I switched it on and after five minutes of whirring it offered to create a desktop for me. The desktop, of course, contained none of my shortcuts, and Dropbox and Evernote both complained that they could not find their respective folders. It took me an hour to fix all of this and then every time I started a program it either asked me to register or welcomed me and offered to show me its most exciting features.

Affe arrived about 11:00, sat down and said “there is something very wrong with my computer”. I had assumed that my problems had somehow been caused by me, but it now occurred to me that my problems were, in fact, a network problem. I trotted down to Helpdesk and sure enough about 75% of users were having the same or similar problems.

After a lengthy discussion I realised that the computers were failing to connect to the profile server properly and were therefore creating temporary profiles. After several more questions it was agreed that this was likely to happen every time the computer was closed and reopened until the problem had been traced and fixed. In other words, closing down would leave me with a ninety minute startup routine that would involve manually mounting the network drives, reinstalling the printers, relinking Dropbox and Evernote, and recreating a usable desktop.

My computer remains on until this is fixed!

I spent the afternoon at a team meeting in which we planned the entrance examination process, while I used my iPad to check that the files my laptop said were unavailable from Dropbox did, in fact, still exist.

Now I am on my way home. The day has been bright sunshine – a perfect summer day – and unfortunately I have not been out in it.

Later this evening I will help Irma do some replanting, help Auo with her science and English homework, and go for a long walk looking for the cat that used to live with us. When I get home at about 22:15 the sky will still be bright and the weather will still be warm.