Friday, May 18

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Sundö, 17:20

The weather forecast had said that the holiday weekend would be hot and dry. So far it has been wrong on both accounts. We woke, after another night of heavy rain, to find the garden still wet.

Naa was at Kamppi because her school started early so, after the remaining three had breakfasted and tidied the house, we set off for Pellinki. We stopped on the outskirts of Porvoo for a snack and some shopping.

The summer house was waiting for us, although the garden was like a swamp.

We went to Benita’s to see about tomorrow, and then wandered around the farm. Just as we were getting ready to cook dinner, Gitta turned up with a huge bowl of fresh herrings. Barnd had been fishing and caught a lot more than they needed.

Now we are at the shore, in a biting wind, gutting about fifty small herrings, while Auo watches American Idol at Camilla’s.

Soon we will decide to cook sausages and have the fish tomorrow. Then we will sit indoors as it slowly and silently gets dark.