Thursday, March 16

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Auo’s room, 7:35


During the past few weeks we have done some tidying up and rearranging. During this Irma found a photograph that Auo created at Stoa in the autumn before she died. In the centre of Auo’s pupil the careful viewer can see the reflection of One Direction looking at her.

She learned a lot in the photography classes that both she and Naa loved. She got very skillful with Photoshop. Oh well, as the Buddha might say.

I will leave the house planning to walk very briskly to the metro. Tommi, from the big house up the hill, will stop and offer me a lift. We will drive to the metro and take it to Sörnäinen where he will carry on conducting a data quality audit at a local bank. Apparently each branch of the bank stores its own data in its own idiosyncratic format, making data exchange between branches almost impossible.

I will have a full day of rapid tasks involving Curatr, Finnair, Nordea, Powerpoint, and Skype for Business. Only the Finnair task deserves comment. It involves an MA student whose research involves interviewing Asian passengers in transit at Helsinki airport. She applied for a security pass in January, I signed papers in February, Finnair decided they had used the wrong process in March, and today I will learn that it now needs the rector to fill in an online form. Nobody else can do it, and she has taken the next two weeks off work to do the research.

I will try to contact Henrik, talk to Sussi, and arrange with Nathalie that she will try to remind Henrik next week. Odds of success? Unguessable.

At 16:30 I will begin Block 2 of the Digital Mediascapes course. We will watch TED talks by Susan Blackmore and Nicholas Christakis, and I will give a presentation that centres on the Dunbar number.