Tuesday, March 14

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Arcada, 12:48


This morning I walked to Puotila metro for no reason except that the paths had no snow or ice and I felt energetic. I listened to Wee Tam and the Big Huge as I walked and felt full of good vibes by the time I got there.

I had two tutorials in the morning, both of them positive. I also had a meeting with Matteo in which he persuaded me to write a grant application to TUF before I go to India on Friday. By the end I agreed with him and felt happy that he had managed to enthuse me.

Jutta feels ill and has decided to go to S-Market to get something for lunch before deciding whether to go home or not. I wait in the corridor for her and notice what happens when two pieces of protective glass meet at right angles. It surprises me that I can still find things to photograph here but apparently I can. Jutta comes out from the corridor and tries to photograph me photographing the glass but I move like a gazelle and she misses.

Jutta buys sandwiches and quark and I buy some cheese. Shortly after eating, she will leave for home, feeling ill and leaving her bananas for me.

I will spend the afternoon in a spontaneous meeting with a student who should have graduated ages ago and still needs to finish some courses. I talk to him and Monica and suggest that he finds something that appeals to him in Lynda and then asks me if I approve of this in place of the course he missed. If I do I will then draw up an assignment to test his knowledge.

I will have several similar encounters, meet with the potential team for Irma’s project, and then finish the afternoon by writing a reference for someone who has got a place on an MA course at Edinburgh University.