Monday, March 13

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Hammentie, 11:17


I found some strange happenings at the bus stop this morning. As I walked down the path to Itäväylä I saw the top of a bus over the fence. I decided not to run but as I continued down the bus remained. Eventually I decided to run the remaining ten metres, sped round the corner, and found all the passengers standing on the pavement next to it. Grasping the situation immediately, I deduced that the bus had broken down and we had to stand there until a replacement arrived.

Then the driver suddenly leaped into the bus again and started it. The passengers all leaped back on and I joined them. Off we went! The driver made no announcement and nobody muttered to each other as people do when a situation turns odd. I got to Itäkeskus with no plausible explanation.

I spent the morning batting off inquiries, and helping Jan, the new Pixelache finance controller, find his way into the labyrinthine communications structure that Pixelache has somehow established.

Jutta has just invited me to join her on a trip to K-Market so she can buy a salad for lunch. I already have fruit but I don’t mind a walk. I look out of the window to check the weather and decide to join her. I put my shoes on.

We will spend most of the afternoon having a training session with Filip about the new Hub room, where we can use Skype for Business and Acrobat Connect Pro to have group meetings. I will remain puzzled because, other than the ability to share your screen, I can see little to no advantage over a normal Skype meeting.

I will check with Mirko later and the main difference seems to lie in the ability to share your desktop, which I already knew about because one option that Dane, Jutta and I have discussed for A303 involves removing the data projector, which students cannot see properly, and replacing it with a constant Skype for Business desktop show, in which every student can see the teaching machine desktop on one virtual screen while working in another.

Irma has a meeting until 19:00 and so I will get home early to free Sunshine.