Sunday, March 12

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The woods, 11:40


I start the day by going for a walk I find an interesting branch and photograph it. I do that sort of thing.

In the afternoon we will drive to pick up Naa from work and go to visit Irma’s father. Afterwards we will drive to Prisma to buy pies and cakes for tea.

At 18:00 will Sanal arrive with his daughter and grand daughter, both of whom love Sunshine – who responds by hiding as quickly as possible.

We will sit talking for a couple of hours while Naa and the three year old play happily with Naa and Auo’s old toys. We will see things we haven’t seen for ten years: My Littlest Pets, Teletubbies, and a samurai-like robot warrior I have no memory of whatsoever.

When they leave Irma will drive Naa home and we will get ready for next week.