Saturday, March 11

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The attic, 11:30


This week we learned that our roof needs replacing, and we chose some tradtional builders from Sippo to replace it, rather than the young men who turned up with flipcharts and brochures. The traditional builder who turned up to inspect the attic suggested that he had found almost a litre of water trapped in some plastic between rafters. He also suggested that we might benefit from its removal. My job this morning: finding and removing it.

Irma banged on the ceiling and I banged on the floor of the attic. This way we eventually steered me to precisely the right place. I lay for a long while feeling under the insulation to find water. Everything felt dry but my arms gradually started to itch. Eventually I gave up.

I sit in the attic, on a relatively comfortable plank and think. I have two concerns. Firstly I have no idea whether the attic floor will bear my wait. This means that I tried to slither along the beams and the dodgy planks laid sparingly between them. Secondly I have no idea whether the puddle of water exists or has evaporated in the sudden Spring warmth. If it still exists then I have no idea where it has found to hide.

I take a photo with my Honor 7 Lite camera, having decided that attic, iPad and water sounded like a potentially calamitous mix.

Back downstairs Irma will decide that we should assume the water has gone because we have better things to do than call an ambulance to pick me up off the floor.

We will head out in the sun for Itis, where Irma will buy a macro lens for her Canon camera. Then we will go to Prisma and a microwave for Naa. We will then decide to deliver the microwave to her.

Finally we will go home and sit in candllelight with some sparkling wine and a selection of British detective series on television. The Coroner we like, Vera less so.