Tuesday, March 7

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A306, Arcada, 12:34


I walked to the metro station this morning, because I left the house too late for one bus and too early for the next. The 95 passed me about ten metres from the metro station, but I didn’t mind at all. The ground felt firm under my feet and the wind kept quiet.

At 10:00 I had a meeting about Omtänk that lasted two and a half hours. After Tomas, Torsten, Ulf and I had spent an hour working through the core issues, Sanna arrived on Skype from Stockholm, flushed with jetlag, and keen to talk at length. At 12:20 I suggested that we should start a Slack team in order to get work done before we next meet. Everyone else agreed, although nobody had actually used Slack, so I raced off and set one up.

I notice that someone has placed a stack of business cards on the top of the cupboard behind me. Then I notice that someone has placed a stack of my business cards on the top of the cupboard. I contemplate this small mystery for a few minutes before remembering that I have an avocado on my desk for lunch. I find my crispbread and a knife and set to.

In the afternoon I will have a group tutorial with Frida and Jere, my Convivial Mechanics students. We will work out an action plan and then they will show me what they have done so far. Frida has started learning NetLogo as a prelude to learning Aspace. Jere has started reading the works of Robin Dunbar.

I will notice that Sanna, Torsten, and Ulf have all joined the Slack team.