Monday, March 6

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Auo’s room, 20:12


I spent the morning reading student assignments and uploading material to ItsLearning. I did this while continuing to deal with a head cold that I seem to have picked up late last week. In other words, I swapped my morning cup of tea for a cup of Lemsip and a Tesco cold capsule.

I spent the afternoon in a team meeting where I voiced some opinions about Omtänk prior to the meeting tomorrow. After that I watched an avant garde movie that lasted two minutes and twenty two seconds, and wrote a report for Sandra’s thesis presentation last week. She won star prize and scored 5 out of 5 because she had turned in the best structured thesis I have seen for years and, as the presentation made obvious, had a complete grasp of her chosen topic.

Sitting at home I try to take a photograph of Sunshine but he successfully moves out of view every time I try. One of the photographs in which he has completely disappeared seems quite nice though, and so I keep that. Perhaps I should call it Absence of Sunshine.

I return to reading through the 101st edition of Monocle, a “300+ page collector’s item”. I will find several interesting features, and I will notice that they have always steered completely clear of anything like a letters page. Since both last issue and this issue mention the lengthy planning meetings that went into the redesign, I have to assume that they decided very deliberately not to include readers’ letters in the magazine.

I will go to bed early to let the Tesco capsule complete its work.