Monday, May 14

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Outside Arcada, 8:55

Naa had spent the night at Kamppi, and when Auo and I got up Moonshine was still missing. We looked around the garden but there was no sign of it.

We got the jouko and Auo wanted to talk about where it could be and explain that there was still a chance that it would come back. I wish there was but I am not as optimistic.

As I walk to Arcada from the tram there is a sign of summer: a man on a mower is cutting the grass, and the deep shadows are contrasting with the suddenly bright green.

I will spend the morning with Jutta, going over the assignments this year’s applicants had submitted, and planning for an afternoon meeting that won’t happen. For much of the afternoon we will carry on planning, or talking about planning.

When I get home there will be garden work, and a trip to a youth centre that is closing for a year to tidy up collect some things.

When we all go to bed Moonshine will still be missing.