Sunday, May 13

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Itäkeskus, 11:25

Last night, at about 22:30 Moonshine arrived home, saw Sunshine, refused to come in, and shot off again. The neighbours saw him an hour later chasing a mouse in a garden. Since then he has not been seen by anyone.

Today is Mother’s Day and before getting up Irma got a variety of Elizabeth Arden products, an ornament, some chocolate and less cards than she wanted. I skipped breakfast to leave for the final day of Camp Pixelache.

I have just got off the bus and I am on my way to the Metro station when I notice the blossom above me.

I am on my way to the Camp Pixelache brunch and organising meeting. I will have great difficulty finding it, since it is not at Arbis, where the conference was, and it is not at the Cable Factory where the Pixelache organisation lives. Eventually I will sit in the McDonalds at Ruoholahti, use the wifi and tweet Vinay, who will tweet back a location in less than two minutes.

After a pleasant brunch at Krulla at Lonnrotinkatu 13, I will walk to Kamppi to ride home with Irma and her parents. At home we will have a big Mother’s Day dinner, and then Irma will take her parents back while I try to act as though I am not overfull.

Later Auo and I will go out to spend two hours searching the woods and the streets for Moonshine. We will fail to find any sign of him.