Monday, February 27

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Naa’s room, 18:23


Over the weekend I read an article suggesting that a new research study suggests that people should eat ten portions of fruit or vegetables per day, rather than the previously advised five. I decided that I should take the opportunity to make sure I ate at least five portions. I then wondered what constituted “a portion” and downloaded a guide from the NHS, written by Karen Smith.

You will surely like to know that 5cm of cucumber amounts to one portion, as do nine medium okra and one cereal bowl full of watercress.

On the way to work this morning I bought one avocado (two portions, fact fans), four apples and four bananas and felt healthier just looking at them.

I spent most of the day preparing my courses, although not in any obvious way. I received an email from Curatr about a new mini-mooc called The Sharing Age and joined it. I had planned to include a section about digital learning in the Digital Mediascapes course but realised that I could equally well ask the students to join Julian Stodd’s course instead, since both courses cover exactly the same time-frame.

I finished the first level of Julian’s course and then emailed him to ask if he would mind if I enacted my plan. He replied to say that he liked the idea and then Ben from Curatr emailed me to say hello again.

When I get home Irma and I pull sheets and amuse ourselves. I iron them while Irma walks in and out talking.

At about 18:30 Naa arrives and I sit in her old room talking with her. My eyes are caught by the candles in a jar on top of a cupboard. I like the wide range of whites and creams that appear in the evening light. She has come to fill in an online application for a university-level course next year.

Job done, Irma will take Naa home while I re-read Fooled By Randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.