Saturday, February 25

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Temppeliaukio, 16:37


I looked outside and decided to scrub the daily walk from today’s routine. It had snowed overnight and the snow still seemed to fall – diagonally, carried by a cold wind. I went straight into cleaning instead.

After brunch Irma and I went to Lanterna to buy door handles and tulips, and then to Prisma to buy food and wine. By the time we had done this, I had to leave for the centre. Irma drove the groceries home and I walked through Itis to the metro.

At 15:30 I met Russell and Sara and took them to Temppeliaukio, the famous church carved into the rocks where Susanna and Bello got married, although not at the same time and not to each other. We arrived at exactly the right moment: a wedding had just ended and a queue of Japanese tourist waited patiently to go in. We joined them.

I have not seen the inside of the church before, except during wedding services, and I find myself very impressed with it now that I can see it in detail. The windows in the roof look spectacular with patches of snow clinging to the glass, and the acoustics sound extraordinary, especially when someone puts on some prerecorded piano music. We spend thirty minutes in there sitting, listening and eventually taking photographs.

We will walk back to Rautatientori to catch the metro the to east. Sara will tell me that she has never actually seen the sea frozen before, but will decline an offer to get off and go for a walk on the ice.

We will get the Itäkaskus and walk through Itis because both Russell and Sara feel curious about the mix of international and local stores. We will then catch the 95 and walk from the church in Vartiokylä.

Sunshine will take an immediate and highly unusual liking to both Russell and Sara. To our surprise he will lean on Russell on the sofa and lie at Sara’s feet waiting for stroking.

Irma will cook a meal of spicy carrot soup with karelian pies and oven-roast salmon. We will catch until Russell and Sara decide they must leave. I will walk them to the bus stop and then return to join Irma on the sofa for Poirrot which seems more entertaining than usual.

Or maybe that simply reflects my mood.