Saturday, February 18

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Itäväylä, 11:26


We wake up and I go for a walk. I walk to Riskutie, turn right, then left, end up at Alepa, cross the road, turn left and walk down to Plantagen. As I walk I pass some bushes. I cannot decide whether I can see last year’s growth hanging on or this year’s growth arriving. When I get home Irma will recognise the plant as a rose and the ball as this year’s arrival.

In the afternoon we will drive to Lanterna, Ikea and sundry other retail outlets. We will return later than we intended and begin the process of installing new shelves in Auo’s old room.

Later we will try to watch television but find nothing at all. We have given up on Vera, and that will appear to stand head and shoulders above everything else. Reluctantly we will start to watch it, only to switch it off ten minutes later.