Friday, May 11

YEAR:  2012 | Tags:  | |

Rautatienasema, 20:20

The day began with Auo returning to school after a week interrupted by illness. At Arcada I leapt straight into a lengthy Skype video conference with Jutta. This is an attempt to establish regular Friday sessions to make sure we know what each other is doing and know what the students are thinking. After ninety minutes we did.

In the afternoon I had a series of dull technical problems with OpenSim, and wrote a lengthy series of emails.

In the evening I went to Arbis to watch Vinay Gupta give the keynote speech for Camp Pixelache. I was glad I did, because he was witty and amusing, and packed with interesting ideas and facts. I tweeted a series of notes, and was surprised to find that I was almost the only person doing it. Many people were writing in personal notebooks while he lectured about the benefits of socialising ideas.

Now I am on my way home, having walked to Rautatientori through a hard, needle-like drizzle. I am walking down into the Metro and the augmented-reality advertisement by Seiska is catching my eye. It captures video images of people coming down the stairs towards it and then superimposes images of Matti Nyykinen doing odd things every now and then. So far he has run on from the side; leapt out of a cartoon birthday cake; and been carried off on a trolley.