Sunday, February 12

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Front garden, 14:42


This morning the three of us had a late breakfast with much giggling. Then Irma decided that we should make another trip to Ikea, although this trip would not include hot digs.

Outside I wait for Irma. She came out an hour ago to photograph an icicle that had melted in the night. I hunt round for more and find a stream of water frozen in the act of pouring out of a drainpipe. I find it odd that it continues to exist in this form when everything around has started melting. More accurately, I find it slightly odd in a not very interesting way.

We will go to Ikea and buy some Billy bookcases, a tin box and a stepladder for Naa. I will make the latter two and stack the boxes of Billy under Naa’s bed.

After some sheet-pulling and ironing Irma will take Naa home and I will have an early night.