Saturday, February 11

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Itäväylä, 17:04


We woke up late to the traditional routine: walk, clean, shower, lunch.

We left in the car and drove to Ikea where we bought candles and ate hot dogs. Naa phoned to say that she had finished work and decided to come for a visit.

Now, as the sun sets, and the light turns distinctly strange, we leave Ring road 3 and turn into Itäväylä. The scene out of the car window looks as though Seurat has stood for, and won, an election for God. Pointillism rules as the sun sets slowly over a muted palette.

We will drive to Prisma for food and drink and then home to see Naa. Irma will make a box and we will watch Vera. We will all agree that it does not have the qualities of George Gently. It feels contrived in its box-ticking, peronality-free box-ticking.