Friday, February 10

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Riskutie, 07:58


I got up quietly, after a long and uninterrupted sleep, had one of the variety packs I had brought back with me, and crept out of the house without even waking the cat.

Outside I immediately feel the dry cold that I only know from Helsinki. London felt cold in an entirely different way. I walk to the bus, happy to live here. I pause as I cross over Riskutie to photograph the crossroads in the early morning light. Dawn has got noticeably earlier in the week I since I last saw it. I will think this for the next eighteen minutes until the bus finally comes.

At Arcada I will walk into a wide range of things that need doing now, or redoing, or replanning. I will thus spend the first couple of hours of the day doing, redoing and replanning.

I will create a new solo assignment for a student who claims he can’t find a group to work in, and then I will hold a tutorial that will make me very happy. I will see the first cut of a movie I never thought would get made and, moreover, I will find it entertaining in a way that relates to the thesis it will form part of.

Finally I will hold a second thesis tutorial that will make me even happier. I now have two students working on Convivial Mechanics research, and Frida wants to learn to use Ascape in order to model social networks and test the effects of different kinds of networks. I find this a genuinely exciting prospect to the extent that I will rush back and start a Convivial Mechanics research Slack team as soon as the tutorial finishes.