Saturday, February 4

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Home, 17:45


We got up late, very late, and ate sandwiches too late to refer to them as brunch. Naa had cleaned the house on Thursday so I went outside and dealt with some fallen snow and then had a shower.

We drove to the iitala outlet in Vantaa, picking up a speeding ticket as we went. We bought Jack and Denise some candle holders, and Casey a Muumin bowl. Everyone has to have a Moomin bowl. We also bought Anib and Asha a Christmas present. We live in the future.

On the way home we collected Naa.

At home Irma asks for a German beer. Before she gets one I photograph the case she brought back from Munich. It amused her yesterday and it amuses us both now.

Naa will leave us a date cake she has made and leave for the centre to meet Roosa and Sofia. We will eat chicken and rice and watch Vera Stanhope, an English detective series that we have never heard of. We will follow this with an unnecessary episode of Poirot.

We will finish the evening by practising the Poirot walk to our great amusement before going to bed and falling asleep in seconds.