Saturday, January 28

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Itäväylä, 11:30


We got up lazily this morning, feeling relaxed. The weather seemed neither good nor bad. I decided to go for a walk. I had walked to Puotia metro station yesterday morning, and Thursday morning, so I set off in that direction again.

Having turned left at Alepa and crossed the main road, I turn left again and walk down Itäväylä. The snow has started to dry and absorb the dirt and gravel. It looks like miniature mountain ranges. As I fly over I notice one mountain range partly obscured by a giant wrapper. As I arrive home I notice a squirrel trying to squeeze into one of the bird feeders.

In the afternoon we will go to Marimekko to use up one of Irma’s Christmas vouchers and then to Prisma.

When we return home the darkness will make the house feel cosy in a particularly wintry way. Irma will start cooking and Naa will turn up from a trip to the cinema with a group of friends.