Thursday, May 10

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Front of the house, 12:30

Auo is feverish again, and Naa has a temperature of 38. My head hurts and (most unusually) I slept till 9:15. I am spending the day at home with the girls.

I spent the morning plodding round, eventually beginning to do some work with the laptop I brought home last night. Now it is lunchtime and I am off to get some boxes from Alepa. I am looking at the peculiar animal thing that Irma bought a few weeks ago and that now guards our house.

In the afternoon I will continue working with OpenSim. I will manage to get a network of teleporters installed on my island to save me flying around. Even better, I will have scripted them myself by combining several existing scripts into one unit that actually does what I want.

Progress has been made.