Friday, January 27

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Arcada, 13:00


I arrived at work and proceeded to do a lot of irritating but necessary administrative tasks at the speed of thought, or more accurately at the speed of not-a-lot-of-thought.

I spent the second half of the morning moving this site from HostMonster to Linode, and at midday I went down for lunch with Nicke and Mirko in order to ask them some questions about MySQL due to a paranoia that I might lose ten year’s work in one misunderstood command.

Now I sit and wait for gigabytes of files to move themselves from one server to another. I look at a pile of papers in a stack on my desk, and ruminate on the fact that I have no idea what the pile contains but can practically guarantee that I could throw it all out with no consequences whatsoever. I resolve that one day I will look through it with not-a-lot-of-thought and do just that.

At 14:00 the front page of the new site will appear on the web. The rest of it will hide shyly behind an error notice. I will spend the rest of the afternoon fixing the permalinks in WordPress, some settings on the server, and some automatic updating that will seem safer to do manually this time.

At 16:41 I will have what looks like a perfectly working site. I will also have a renewed familiarity with my Linode dashboard, PuTTY, Filezilla, the workings of Ubuntu, and the dashboard of WordPress.

The weekend will most definitely start here.