Monday, May 7

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Hameentie, 14:30

This morning Auo was ill. Her head was hot and her legs, in her words, felt bendy. She stayed in bed and I got the jouko.

I was supposed to spend the entire day working with Emma rebuilding Snowcastle Valley, but by 11:30 we had failed to get any version to load successfully on any of the computers. Emma went off to do other things and I spent another several hours trying to find a solution.

The problem was without doubt situated inside Windows or F-Secure. But where? Now I am looking out of the window watching the aftermath of a very small road accident. I watch nothing much happening for fifteen minutes or so.

Later I will find Dan and we will manage to get Sim-on-a-stick 0.7.3 working on a virtual machine. Then we get it working on a computer running no security software whatsoever. Closer then.

After sitting downstairs meeting some of the staff from Novia who will be joining us soon, I will return upstairs to fail to get it working on a computer that does have F-Secure installed, and then go home in the bright sunlight.