Sunday, May 6

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Kiviportintie, 15:20

Today is my birthday and I wake up to presents: a fisherman’s jacket, some deodorant, chocolates and more. After breakfast I noticed that the sky was bright and sunny and I began painting the remaining outdoor furniture. I painted the table twice.

Now I am having a brief walk, because I decided that I should take some photos of the local church tower for tomorrow, when we will try to build a convincing meditation tower on Snowcastle Valley. Naa has gone off to watch hockey. Her friend Jennifer had been given some free tickets to see France play Khadiztan in the World Hockey Championships and so, sitting in row 3, Naa saw her first live hockey match. France won 6-1.

Late I will paint the flowerpots purple and finish just in time, before it starts raining again. My head will start feeling incredibly hot so I will go to bed shortly after hearing the results of the French and Greek elections.