Wednesday, January 18

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Home, 16:45


We have been going to bed exceedingly early since we got back from India. I woke up after ten hours sleep feeling ready for action. I walked to the bus along slippery roads without falling over.

I spent an hour and a half writing out a detailed plan for the Media Innovations MA course that starts tomorrow, and then an hour on Skype with Tomas fine-tuning it. I then brought my Phantom archives up to date.

I had a lunchtime planning meeting with Jutta and Mirkko in which we combined three different tasks we had received into one long Chinese buffet.

Irma works late tonight and so, meetings over and buffet eaten, I left for home to let Sunshine out for a romp in the rain and snow. Jutta had to go to Kulosaari to meet her sister so I left with her. She had brought a game for Naa, whose request to borrow a copy she had seen on Facebook. I therefore left the building with Jutta and a game of Twister.

Sunshine has gone out twice for about five minutes each time. He wants to go out but he wants to go out into an entirely different kind of weather. He sits on the carper looking up at me in the hope that I will change the channel and send him out into warm sunshine. In a few moments he will give up and go and lie down in a cupboard.

I will read in preparation for tomorrow’s class. When Irma arrives home I will take the old papers to the recycling bin and then return for a shower and a (slightly) early bed time.