Tuesday, January 17

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Arcada, 12:04


I began the morning by rescheduling the summer Transmedia course to fit in with the new regulations that prevent courses from running over two academic years. This year it will start earlier and finish by the end of July. It will have gone back into hibernation and fallen deep asleep by the time the new academic year starts in August.

I spent the morning with Tomas in the Concepts and Innovation course, listening to the students’ reports on their initial assignment. While we listened Fred and Nathalie masterminded a rearrangement of the staffroom to accommodate The Return of Tiina Räisä. When I return for a short lunch break I find the fridge has moved to my end of the room, along with the coat hangers. I let out a whoop of approval which amuses Nathalie. I walk a shorter distance than usual to collect the ingredients for my lunch and switch the kettle on.

I will spend the afternoon with Tomas and the first year hearing more reports.

At 18:00 Sanal will come to our house to collect the books we brought back from Kerala from him. The three of us will chat for two and a half hours. During this several interesting ideas will come up and we will find ourselves making unexpected plans for the future.