Sunday, January 15

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Near Ringroad 1, 12:04


We got up remarkably early with no real idea of what time we should feel inside. After breakfast we brought our finances up to date, paying bills and swapping money from one account to another.

Sunshine refused almost all his food in the morning and went for two hour-long romps in the snow. We suspected that the cat feels bloated himself, and will soon shake off the extra kilos.

I left for a very long walk, which I had not managed to do in India, apart from three hikes to Kovalam Junction. As I near the ringroad I see someone in a bright jacket; a walking example of colour contrast. I have walked for forty five minutes before seeing this.

I will walk past Prisma where I will fill my travelcard. I will also notice that the new play park has opened on the second floor. It has the worst logo I have seen in years. Looking at it I will realise that sometimes the expression “I couldn’t believe it” literally means what it says.

Later Naa will hear that Irma plans to cook jumbo prawns and shrimps in coconut sauce and arrange to meet her at Prisma so she can come back and join in the eating.