Saturday, January 14

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Rohdinkuja, 09:18


We arrived home to find that Minna had cleared some of our snow and left an ice lantern out for Auo. This morning I cleared more of the snow, after putting the emptied suitcases back in the shed.

I go for a walk to Alepa to get milk and things for breakfast. I look down the road into the woods and I can almost feel the lack of colour; the monochrome nature of the environment. As I walk to the shop I notice that the few people visible all wear clothes of black and dark blue to avoid drawing attention to themselves. Then again, so do I.

After breakfast we will take Naa’s stuff to her apartment before going to visit Irma’s father and then her mother. At Kamppi we collect Sunshine. His appearance will shock us. He arrived at Irma’s mother’s apartment weighing just less than eight kilos. He will leave slowly, weighing just over ten.

Once we have brought the balloon-like cat home, Irma will drive Naa home and go to Prisma for more groceries. I will test to see if he can still jump on the sofa. Fortunately he can.

We will finish the evening with some chardonnay and chat, and I will fall asleep before eleven o’clock.