Friday, January 13

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Room 405, Star Metro, Dubai, 08:35


I wake up happy to feel slightly chilly for the first time in weeks. I notice that mosquitoes have not bitten me in the night. I look out of the window at the skyline over the road. Even through the clouds the sun highlights the contrasting colours.

We will have breakfast and then Irma and Naa will leave to look at some shoes. We have no more room in our luggage for anymore and so I will try to look surprised when they return with three pairs of shoes and a demand that I must accompany them back to get my unrepeatable bargain slippers.

Shoes bought, we will spend an hour by the roof-top pool under a cloudy sky that has the dubious benefit of being less cold than Helsinki.

At the airport when we arrived Naa had some never-explained problem with her passport that took twenty minutes to resolve. Leaving, she and I will both have the same problem. We will need to go to a special desk to have the issue resolved in a way that leaves the underlying problem unexplained.

We will finally get to the lounge and eat and drink our way into jollity. We will become so jolly that we will arrive at the gate twenty minutes after the scheduled start of boarding and about sixty minutes before boarding actually starts. The 17:25 flight will depart at 18:25.

I will read twelve issues of The Flash followed by six issues of Deathstroke. I will like them both, for different reasons. Everyone will fall asleep for the second half of the journey.

We will arrive home at 23:32 I will notice this, and notice that Auo would have noticed it – palindromes r us! I had noticed her absence earlier: at the airport when Naa and I started fooling around to pass the time.

We will all go to bed after unpacking two of the six cases.