Saturday, January 7

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Kunnumpara Quarry, 17:10


After breakfast, Irma and Naa left in a rickshaw on a journey to Divine Supermarket and the shop opposite that makes and sells samosas.

At three o’clock Santosh brought Åke from his beach hotel to us. Irma had invited him for a meal and he arrived bearing gifts of Indian wine. We showed him around the house and the view from the terrace astonished him. We have got used to it but I suddenly remembered how I felt when I first sat looking out at the birds and the trees the other side of the lake.

We walked down to the temple for the first time this holiday. We walked round the grounds for a long time and then looked for the swami. We didn’t find him but we found another temple official who spoke very little English and offered us copies of Yatharth Geeta in Dutch, Italian, Persian or Portugese. We politely declined. We already have one in English at the house, from a previous visit.

On the way back we walk down the hidden path to the new shoreline on the lake; the one that has appeared as the water level has gone down. We have heard that David, the yoga teacher who rents the house in February, swims in it every day. Åke decides to give it a go, and reports that the water feels like a warm bath. Irma decides to have a go and then Elvis follows her in.

I walk down to the end of the new beach and take a photo of the house, standing on its cliff edge. I realise that the cat would have fallen nearer twenty metres, not ten, if it had slipped off its ledge.

On the way back Elvis peers over the edge and falls in. This time it panics and we guide it back to a place where it can climb out. It sits shivering and wants Naa to carry it home.

Back at the house we will sit on the terrace drinking beer. Irma will make a fantastic chicken and corn soup, using lots of big fresh coriander leaves. Åke will leave by taxi and we will make a determined effort to finish the beer and wine.