Saturday, January 28

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Tate Modern, 17:00

I met Luke at 12:30 in order to see the Hockney exhibition. The queues were taking two to three hours and so we left to walk to the Tate. This was a pleasant meander through London to the Embankment, via Butler’s Wharf where we stopped for a long lunch. I managed to pack in more traditional British food (haddock and chips this time; cornish pasties yesterday).

We spent a couple of hours wandering through the five floors of Collection Displays, having dismissed Tacita Dean’s analogue-film-thing in the Turbine Hall. (Watching the documentary film about the process of creating it didn’t improve the experience, even when we went back down to check.)

In room 7 of level 5 (Energy and Process) we stood looking at Do Ho Suh’s polyester and stainless steel installation that recreates a stairway in his apartment in Chelsea, New York. It was one of the most impressive pieces there that we didn’t already know.

After that Luke suggested finishing at the George which I had not been to for twenty years or more. It hadn’t changed at all.