Thursday, December 22

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Hawah Beach, 15:25


We got up sometime in the morning. We found The Hindu in the garden as promised. I read it before breakfast in the traditional manner.

In the afternoon Irma called Anil who arrived in his rickshaw. He drove us to CISP in Kovalam Junction where Irma delivered some things we had brought from Helsinki: primarily skateboard gear and play-doh. While we waited to speak to the Belgian man Irma got herself invited to the opening of an orphanage an hour or three hours drive away, according to which version of the conversation you choose to think you understood.

More accurately Irma got us all invited, with herself as star guest with her name on the poster. A car will arrive to take us there at 8:30 Christmas morning. If we understood correctly.

After this we take the rickshaw down to the beach.

Irma and Naa have stopped to buy postcards from a shop we stop at every year. I wander onto the beach to photograph a fishing boat. Everywhere seems unexpectedly quiet. Later several people will tell us that tourist numbers seem well down. Some will blame demonetisation. Others will just shrug.

We will walk down to Leo and sit there for an hour or so drinking ginger lemon sodas and saying hello to people we know from previous years. We will walk further down to see if Uday still works at the little shop. He does but not today. We will then walk to the Village to see Hari only to find out that he has walked the other way to Leo.

We will catch him on the way back to the taxis. We will notice that we have not seen Michael anywhere.