Wednesday, December 21

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Terrace, Kunnumpara, 13:00


We arrived in Trivandrum about 3:30, waited an hour or more for the luggage, met Anib, and climbed out of his car about 5:30 Kerala time. Our bodies, however, had one of three possible timezones to inhabit. They chose at random.

We familiarised ourselves with the house again, learned about the new modem, washed and climbed into our beds. I got up and down for thirty minutes getting the air-conditioning to work the way I wanted, then fell into five hours of deep sleep.

Up again, and part way through unpacking, I look out from the second floor terrace at the lake in the old quarry. The water has fallen lower than I have ever seen it, to the extent that the tiny beach area has trebled in size. I look at the greens and blues that feel so different from the brighter, harder colours of Dubai.

We will eat brunch outside and finish putting things in their places. Molly will come round with her husband and Bruno, the adopted dog. No longer a puppy, he will act much more quietly than last year.

Anib will arrive and Irma and Naa will go with him to the Divine Supermarket for groceries.

In the evening a rat the size of a small goat will squeeze in through an open window and under a sofa. We will open the front door. I will move the sofa. Irma and Naa will whisk it into the air with brooms, and out it will go.