Friday, December 16

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Path outside Arcada, 12:10


I woke several times in the night. I had not drunk very much at the pikkujoulu; firstly because I did not want to get drunk and secondly because it would have cost a small fortune to do so. Liisa bought a bottle of white wine which four of us shared and it cost her 45€.

I woke in the night because my throat felt parched like the throat of a man who has had salted poured down it. I drank half a litre of water in the night and wanted more.

This morning I finished things, and then tidied everything up. I wrote a series of emails, I booked a hotel for February, I bought a short e-book on the command line interface as part of my Linode training, and I backed up everything that had escaped my attention yesterday. I transferred my e-book folder to Dropbox to make it available while I write in India.

At 12:00 I decided that I needed a brisk walk. I decided to walk round the block. Standing outside Arcada I notice that the sun is brightening the trees in Hameentie while leaving the foreground in shade. I watch a woman walk into the distance along the path. I photograph the scene and then start walking. I will walk for thirty minutes.

In the afternoon I will reluctantly decide to extent my HostMonster hosting for exactly one month. Yesterday Nicke suggested a way round my problem, but I have not had time to try it today and, in any case, I would prefer to have both the old and the new account in existence for a few days until I become convinced that everything works as it should. I will set aside the afternoons of week 4 to do this.

By a wonderful piece of serendipity I will receive an email from Peter Small asking about my current activities. I will write back explaining that I will soon start a virtual cafe for my new book, and inviting him to join. An hour later he will accept and invite me to join two of his current projects.

I will end the afternoon very surprised and pleased.