Saturday, December 10

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Somewhere in the woods, 15:45


Yesterday evening I discovered the LInode iOS app and then found an SSH app. Using these I set up the firewall for the server I had installed. This pleased me much more than it probably should have. It meant that I should manage to administrate the server as easily from Kerela as from Vartiokylä. I went to bed happy.

This morning I woke up thinking about a missing link in the argument for the book, and as I thought about it an answer slid into my head. If we make individuality up then we can count it as a tool, a medium of expression, and I can draw up a tetrad that analyses its various effects. This weaves it properly into the thread of the argument.

Once I had thought this I leapt out of bed, because Irma and I had to be somewhere in Kontula at the crack of dawn to help set up a nursery to act as the venue for Malissa’s graduation party. We arrived before 9:00 and left about 10:30, with everything arranged.

At 13:00 we collected Naa and drove back to participate in the party. Anura and Niilia gave speeches, as did Anura’s father. We toasted Malissa, and sat eating and drinking and talking. Unfortunately I liked the cake a lot and ignored the fact that we have a second party to attend later.

Now we have left and driven home. I have gone for a forty minute walk at a very brisk pace in a effort to exercise some cake away. I follow the electricity wires for some time, listening to Eyeless In Gaza for the first time in years. I like them more than I thought I would. I can see the power station chimney pouring out smoke in the distance.

When I get home and show Irma and Naa the photograph Irma will refer to it as industrial nature.

At 17:00 we will enter Vaesla, an Italian restaurant by the harbour. Marja has turned 60 and we will eat pasta to celebrate this. I will feel too full to have a starter or a dessert but I will like my main course. I will sit between Kim and Susanna, who will have Vanessa on her lap for some of the meal. I will have several enjoyable conversations, some at the same time. Susanna and I will also fail to solve on of the puzzles in Vanessa’s puzzle book.

Later we will watch Sara Aalto get through to the final two in X-Factor UK, which Sub TV broadcast live, presumably because it features a Finnish contestant doing well.