Wednesday, December 7

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Garden, 18:15


After five days away, I spent most of the morning doing a pile of catch-up activities that might get described as administration if I needed to glorify them. I didn’t.

Lidl have stocked up with British cheeses for Christmas and so I ate vintage cheddar sandwiches for lunch, washing them down with carrot juice.

I spent the afternoon with half of the CMS course: the half that had not opted to work at home this week. This worked out well since those in the room had more than enough questions to keep me busy for four hours. I actually had time to answer them in full, and to explore some problems in detail when the answer did not seem clear.

I walked out of Arcada at about 17:10 to discover that snow had descended and, indeed, continued to descend. Light fluffy snow covered me as I waited for the tram and caught a bus instead.

Standing outside the garden door, about to go in, I notice that the ground is covered in snow flakes that remain for the moment as separate flakes. I watch them for a few moments and then unlock the door. I let the cat out for a break and then take the compost out. On the way back in I stand for another few minutes looking at the pattern at my feet.

Sunshine will return within ten minutes.

By the time Irma arrives home from a meeting I will have watched episode 9 of Westworld and will feel desperate to see the final episode. I will start it, notice that it lasts ninety minutes, and watch the first fifteen. It does not seem that it will fumble at the final hurdle. The surprises and twists keep mounting and by the time I switch off, I will remain unclear about whether, and how, everything will resolve.